Moderating “Bundling and Unbundling of Finance” at Lendit Europe (2017)

Talking about the Future of Finance in a video for Polycom (2016)

Guest Speaker at the Launch Event For Latvia’s Viainvest (2016)

Moderating Lendit’s Risk Panel (2015)

Where is it all going? AltFi Panel (2015)



How the New Faster Payments Model Drives Growth for FinTechs – an ACI Webinar


Guesting on other Podcasts

Lend Academy




Lendacademy Podcast 75 – An Overview of Fintech, esp. P2P in UK 2016

Talking Money




Talking Money Episode 19 – Getting to grips with fintech



Episode 143 – All About Fintech With Mike Baliman – The Real Opportunity For Financial Services


Audio-Visual Talks



As well as the Podcast I wrote a number of articles for AltFi News the leading online “newspaper” of the AltFi world especially around lessons #newFS can learn from #oldFS and the never-ending challenges of Risk in FS old or new,

I have written extensively about Business Development on my project The Tao of Business Development