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“Editor’s Choice” – 5 Key Episodes

It’s impossible to choose such a small number as there are so many great episodes. However taking the subset of those which are important and unique takes on essential topics…

Lets start at the top. In LFP055 Professor John Kay joins us to discuss how the fundamental problems with FS as it exists today provide an opportunity for Fintech to be far greater.

FS and Fintech are social constructs that have differed massively over time and space but always defined by policy and regulation. Lord Turner the last chairman of the FSA joins us in LFP065 to discuss where Policy and Regulation come from and how they evolve.

At the heart of banking is clearing banking (all banks in turn use clearing banks). In LFP086 Nick Ogden joins us to tell us what a 21stC Clearing Bank can do for you,

The newest “banks on the block” are the app-only banks. In LFP102 super-serial entrepreneur Ricky Knox CEO of Tandem Bank, which straddles app only banking as well as owning Harrod’s Bank, lays out the different motivations, destinations and likely fates of the UK’s app banks.

Naturally one of the biggest areas of innovation is “computers” – which can do increasingly clever things. However AI/Machine Learning is much over-hyped. In LFP063 Dr Tristan Fletcher joins us to separate hype from reality in AI in FS.

“The People’s Choice” – The Top 5 Most Downloaded Episodes

May 2018:

  1. LFP096 – A Deep Dive into Marketplaces in the Fintech Age with David Mercer CEO LMAX Exchange (7,506)
  2. LFP067 – Rethinking Banking: Marketplaces and App-Only Banks with Tom Blomfield CEO Monzo Bank (6,342)
  3. LFP060 – PSD2 & Open Banking in UK & Europe with Paul Thomalla ACI Worldwide (6,203)
  4. LFP063 – Special Episode! A Deep-Dive into AI, Machine Learning, Big Data & FS w/Dr Tristan Fletcher Research Director Thought Machine (5,728)
  5. LFP058 Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs): Tutorial, Bitcoin, Blockchain & Fintech with Laurent Kssis CEC Capital (5,382)

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London Fintech – General

A great place to start is LFP001 “Fintech The 30,000 Feet Overview” – what is FinTech? how big is it? why is it important? why is it happening now? For the most up to date overview however LFP094 the most recent New Year Special covers an assessment of the major Fintech subsectors, how well (or not), they are doing and a report card for them.

From the shallow waters of an intro we move to the super big picture. FS and Fintech are social constructs that have differed massively over time and space but always defined by policy and regulation. Lord Turner the last chairman of the FSA joins us in LFP065 to discuss where Policy and Regulation come from and how they evolve.

In LFP055 Professor John Kay joins us to discuss how the fundamental problems with FS as it exists today provide an opportunity for Fintech to be far greater.

On the super-big-picture policy front Professor Bill Lazonick joins us in LFP092 to give us a seminar on innovation economics, deconstructing shareholder vale and equitable growth.

The key problem for the Fintech revolution is a lack of profitability to reinvest in taking itself to the next level. In LFP066 Bob Jones, veteran of the asset finance industry explains the methodologies behind creating a very profitable Fintech.

The UK is 1% of the world’s market. Successful international expansion is a must for real Fintech success. In LFP095 Jonathan Quin CEO of WorldFirst, possibly London’s oldest and possibly most successful Fintech who have expanded into 7 countries, joins us to discuss how to successfully expand internationally.

John Kay refers to Corporate Governance as a vital function of FS (one it hasn’t traditionally performed that well). But how good is Corporate Governance in Fintech? In LFP057 Geoff Miller joins us to explain the five benefits of good Corporate Governance and why it’s an enabler of Fintech growing further.

In LFP054 we look a the big picture – Brexit and do we need a Fintech 2.0 – along with Zopa Revisited with Giles Andrews.

LFP016 “2015 New Year’s Special – Behind the Scenes, UK Fintech 2015 and Occupy Fintech!”.

LFP042 “2016 New Year’s Special” – Bumper Fun-Packed New Years Show On Fintech & Star Wars, Beer, Media, 2015 review & 2016!

Where did it come from? In LFP004 “Fintech the 3,000 Feet Overview – 3yrs of New Finance with Eddie George” – we discuss, Eddie’s New Finance organisation (the largest Fintech professional network in the world), and the past, present and potential future of fintech in London.

What are London Fintechs Strengths and Weaknesses? In LFP008 I discuss these with top Fintech Lawyer Richard Goold.

What does a Fintech co-founder and adviser to government think are the 5 Key Challenges for UK Fintech plc?  In LFP011 I discuss these with Dr Louise Beaumont, co-founder of Platform Black and now head of Public Affairs and Marketing at GLI Finance which has a family of 16 Alternative Finance businesses.

In LFP026 Mike Laven CEO of Currency Cloud, a Fintech that have done $10bn of payments/FX B2B business, discusses the biggest topic of them all – The Future of Banking.

There is a real phase shift between being a Fintech Startup and a Fintech Scaleup – Jon Vollemaere CEO of Deutsche-Boerse backed R5FX rejoins us in LFP052 to discuss the realpolitik of Fintech Scaleup.

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FS has been made immensely complicated in the computer age by a near infinite number of regulations, rules and options. Although the term “roboadviser” is much vaunted, in practice it isn’t even a toe in the water yet.

IFAs – independent financial advisers – are the key to wider adoption of key Fintech areas such as P2P. In LFP069 Dan Kiernan joins us to discuss the “advice gap” and the problems IFAs have recommending Alernative Finance.

The other side of taking advice on your assets is taking advice on your debts – the most important one of which for most people is their mortgage. In LFP070 Ishaan Malhi joins us to discuss what “Fintech-ing” mortgage advice can do for you.

A completely different kind of advice is covered in LFP071 with Faisal Husain. For Fintech to make any real lasting impact we need to have serious Fintech growth companies. Faisal talks about the journey from “just an idea” to “7,000 employees in 18 countries in 16 years” without any external capital or debt – a must-listen-to for any Fintechs wishing to make the big time.

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Alternative Finance – Overview

Alternative Finance is the most important subsector of Fintech in terms of its impact right now.  It’s one that has a long track record and you can all use now.

In LFP064 Peter Renton joins us to give a 2016 overview of P2P in the US, China and UK.

In LFP010 Rupert Taylor CEO of AltFi Data joins me to give a 3,000 feet overview.

In LFP038 Peter Renton and I discuss key themes from Europe’s largest P2P conference in 2015.

What happens to Alternative Finance portfolios when the sunny weather turns bad? In LFP035 John Goodall CEO of Landbay joins us to take a deep dive into Stress Testing P2P portfolios.

In the UK the government has extended the annual tax-free investment allowance (ISA) to include P2P assets. In LFP047 jake Wombwell-Povey discusses what the IFISA means for UK P2P.

It’s very easy for the new to soon become the old. In LFP053 Cormac Leech co-founder of Liberum Alternative Finance joins us to discuss innovating in P2P.

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Alternative Finance – Direct Lending

There is another model of Fintech lending – direct lending where a company raises funds and then lends these out without the “matching” problem of P2P. In LFP036 Chris Rieche CEO of iwoca discusses this model and lending to small companies.

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Alternative Finance – Equity

In LFP018 we have a deep-dive into equity crowdfunding with Karen Kerrigan Director of Seedrs and the UK Crowdfunding Association.

In LFP025 Goncalo de Vasconcelos, CEO and founder of Syndicate Room, dives into the very important model of “investor-led” equity crowdfunding and its advantages.

In LFP041 Rupert Taylor CEO of AltFi Data discusses their recent report on trying to establish some data on the Dataless-Desert that is Equity Crowd Funding.

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Alternative Finance – Invoice, Trade and Supplier Finance

Whilst invoice financing is a form of secured lending, in practice it is sufficiently different in many ways to merit it’s own category. In LFP030 market leader Anil Stocker CEO and co-founder of MarketInvoice does a deep dive on Invoice Financing in the Fintech Age.  Three years later in LFP098 with volumes having risen from £1/2bn to £2bn he joins us to discuss the wider topic of Financing UK SMEs.

In life, in business and in Fintech things go wrong. John Regan joins us in LFP037 to discuss dealing with crises and the Platform Black story.

It is easily forgotten in our “financialised” economy that finance is the oil in the “real economy” where goods and services are traded. In LFP081 Guy Willans joins to to discuss Trade and Supplier Finance in the Digital Age.

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Alternative Finance – P2P/Marketplace Lending/Borrowing

In LFP103 Christian Faes CEO of Lendinvest one of the UK’s permanent Top 5 platforms and the only property investor in that group joins us for an overview of Online Lending & Borrowing – Past, Present and Future.

In LFP083 Conrad Ford, CEO of the largest online SME lending and borrowing matchmaker joins us to discuss how the SME lending and borrowing markets are in 2017?

In LFP021 Giles Andrews CEO of Zopa who invented the whole thing – being the first worldwide – does a deep dive into consumer credit and key issues in P2P.

In LFP034 I disucss the economically and socially vital SME lending and credit risk with Andrew Mullinger co-founder of Funding Circle.

In LFP013 I “kick the tyres” on the P2P (online lending/borrowing) subsector with Christian Faes CEO of the largest online real estate marketplace in the world.

In LFP019 I am joined by Rhydian Lewis, CEO of Ratesetter, one of the three UK P2P platforms to have written over £0.5bn of business, and the one to invent the use of a Provision Fund. We go beyond the metaphors into the real detail of P2P online lending and borrowing.

In LFP029 I am joined by Angus Dent CEO of a new and interesting entrant into the space that have created a “Secured and Insured” model of online SME lending which improves rates for borrowers and lowers risk for lenders.

In LFP051 James Sherwin-Smith guides us through a Fintech Marketplace solution to the UK Overdraft crisis.

The UK operates in a global market and in LFP015 I discuss the amazing story of US P2P from origins, through crises, to IPOs and into the future with Peter Renton founder of Lend Academy.

In LFP062 Rhydian Lewis CEO of Ratesetter joins us to talk about how they are revisiting their “hard fail”/”binary” porivions fund model.

In LFP020 Conrad Ford, CEO of Funding Options describes the vast lending landscape that exists for SMEs, how there is an excess not a shortage of loan financing, and the UK government’s “UK SME Referral Scheme” to ensure that SMEs get connected to this.

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App Banks

The newest “banks on the block” are the app banks. In LFP102 super-serial entrepreneur Ricky Knox CEO of Tandem Bank, which straddles app only banking as well as owning Harrod’s Bank, lays out the different motivations, destinations and likely fates of the UK’s app banks.

The newest “banks on the block” are the app-only banks. Will they go the way of so-called challenger-banks and become me-too-ish or will they forge a bright new path – Tom Blomfield CEO of Monzo gives his vision in LFP067.

Revolut, the “global money app”, acquired 500,000 customers in less than two years with their interbank FX card, they are now adding many more personal financial services. In LFP075 Nikolay Storonsky joins us to discuss managing rebundling in Fintech.

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Banking & Payments

Challenger Banks” is an oft-used phrase that implies a certain homogeneity within the UK Retail Bannking. In LFP079 Darren Meek, FS lead at PwC, joins us to discuss their in-depth research report on the diversity of UK Challenger Banks.

At the heart of banking is clearing banking (all banks in turn use clearing banks). In LFP086 Nick Ogden joins us to tell us what a 21stC Clearing Bank can do for you,

The biggest seismic change in banking and payments is afoot. In LFP060 Paul Tomalla joins us (in 2016) to discuss PSD2 and Open-Banking in the UK and Europe. In LFP087 Louise Beaumont joins us (in 2017) to passionately advocate that PSD2 is about strategy not just “reg&tech”. In LFP097 Nigel Verdon gives us a 2018 sitrep on the timescales it will actually take to see radical change.

By 2017 some of the better incumbents had got their act together re Fintech. In LFP089 Alexander Ball joins us to discuss how ING goes about its over 100 partnerships with Fintechs.

What is “non-bank banking”? In LFP031 Rich Wagner discusses “non-bank current accounts ” and an overview of payments in the Fintech Age.

In LFP049 Rich joins us again, this time wearing his Chairman of the Emerging Payments Association hat, to discuss fair and equal access to payments for Fintechs.

In LFP046 Hiroki Takeuchi CEO of recurring-payment specialists GoCardless gives an excellently clear overview of international Payments Fintech.

One sector which is very “hardcore” in terms of the financial system – old and new – where there is masses of innovation is Payments. In LFP022 Dave Birch of Consult Hyperion, who have been payments specialists for a long time, gives us a “30,000 Feet Overview” of this vital sector.

A completely different aspect of this topic is helping people with their cashflow management. In LFP072 Emanuel Andjelic co-founder of Squirrel talks about this and the wider topic of “Socially-Beneficial Fintech“.

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Boards in Fintech

The Board is the highest level of management in a Fintech. But little is know about small company boards. In LFP100 I preview my upcoming book on this topic with research from over three dozen leading Fintechs, VCs, Angels, NEDs, Head-hunters and more.

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Capital Markets

Few Fintechs have yet done “truly digital” pricing. In LFP091 Oliver Schimek CEO of CrossLend joins us to discuss how they have can deliver securitisation 100,000 times cheaper than incumbents.

There is a huge area of Fintech which in “old money” would be simply called “new IT companies selling into FS” – not competing with existing FS but trying to enhance it. In LFP077 Mark Beeston Founder of Specialist VCs Illuminate Financial joins us to discuss Capital Markets/Enterprise Fintech.

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Digital Currencies

The most radical of Fintech sub-sectors is digital currencies. LFP003 “Lifting the bonnet on Digital Currencies with Dr James Smith of elliptic.co” gets beyond the hysteria and poor explanations to explain these (and the vital and flexible underlying tech – the blockchain) simply and clearly.

Innovation continues to spread and the most interesting possibility perhaps is Central Bank issued digital currencies. David Clarke of Positive Money joins us in LFP085 to explain how central bank digital cash would be far better for society and the economy than current money which is 97% created by private banks and always as debt.

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What’s it like for small and startup Fintechs, who outnumber the big guns by far. In LFP039 Alexandre Gaillard CEO of InvestGlass joins us to discuss this and the world of Swiss Fintech.

Closer to home Ruzbeh Bacha CEO and founder of CityFalcon has built a Fintech employing over a dozen people in two years and has been based at such hives of the startup world as Level 39. So in LFP043 he is well placed to discuss Hype vs Reality in the UK Fintech Startup world.

The real ecosystem is all your fellow Fintechs, many of whom you would benefit from partnering with. In LFP099 Jimmy Williams, CEO of Insuretech Urban Jungle joins us to discuss how to make yourself a partnerable Fintech.

Fintechs are growing up – can they do this without losing their culture? In LFP044 Alex Langridge of The Up Group, London’s premier Fintech headhunters talks to this topic.

The hotbed of Fintech development is (was?) in London’s Fintech Accelerators.  In LFP014 I am joined by Nektarios Liolios co-founder of Startupbootcamp Fintech to “Lift the bonnet” on Fintech accelerators.

In LFP008 Richard Goold gives his experience of 15yrs doing transactions in tech – discuss the history of tech investing in Europe and the present – especially focusing on the Funding Gap – and compare it to the scene in the US.

Imagine spending your whole career never working for anyone else, forming a whole range of diverse businesses, and making enough to retire from the dot-com boom (as well as seeing most of the investments crash). To save you 40yrs here is LFP007 “Dot Coms to Fintechs, Lessons Learned by Michael Nulty, 40yrs+ as an Entrepreneur, Investor and Angel“.

What’s it like to co-found two Fintechs, and what would one learn from 12yrs doing so? LFP009 with William Lorenz.

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Some of the best Fintechs are little known in a PR-centred media. LMAX Exchange does a staggering $3trn volumes per annum and in LFP096 CEO David Mercer joins us to do a deep dive into marketplaces in the Fintech Age.

In my opinion in London the Fintech-FX-B2B subsector is the most professional by far. Find out why and the important business model differences between FX-B2B and FX-B2C in LFP023 where Philippe Gelis CEO of Kantox gives us a guide to Fintech in the FX Age.

In LFP026 Mike Laven CEO talks about Currency Cloud, a Fintech that has done $10bn of payments/FX

In LFP050 John Booth founder of Midpoint the world’s first P2P FX – formed (and patented) as long ago as 1998 talks about whether P2P FX is all its cracked up to be.

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By 2017 the best incumbents are well up the curve in their response to the Fintech revolution. In LFP089 Alexander Ball joins us to discuss ING’s 140 (!) partnerships they have established with Fintechs.

All of the above are mighty changes – how are the incumbents reacting? In LFP040 Anna Irrera, full-time Finetch Journalist at the Financial News (part of the Dow Jones Group) talks about the 7 strategies banks are following in response.

One way for #oldFS and #newFS to interact is Corporate Venturing – an internal, more strategic, type of venture capital. In LFP048 Ben Luckett MD of Aviva Ventures joins us to dive into this topic.

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Naturally one of the biggest areas of innovation is “computers” – which can do increasingly clever things. However AI/Machine Learning is much over-hyped. In LFP063 Dr Tristan Fletcher joins us to separate reality and hype of AI in FS.

“Data” is the fuel of the modern tech revolution. In LFP080 Jason du Preeze CEO of Privitar joins us to discuss the science, art and regulation of data privacy.

The London Fintech Podcast bridges the worlds of suits and t-shirts, of incumbents and of new entrants. LFP002Innovation Matchmaking with Warren Bond of matchi.biz” is about some great folks who provide a platform to just that – connect your product to banks around the world.

In LFP017 Samad Massood who formerly ran the London Fintech Innovation Lab and is now Open Innovation Lead at Accenture shares his experience of “Innovation Bridge Building between Startups and Incumbents”.

Innovation leads to two things – rapidly scaling companies and uncharted territory. The extent to which this creates unprecedented (sic) legal risks is easily underestimated. In LFP033 Jon Segal, Partner at Fox Williams, joins us to discuss this important topic.

LFP005 “Innovating in Fintech & Emerging Market FX with Jon Vollemaere of R5FX.com” covers the widespread misunderstanding of innovation, the necessity for domain (ie FS) expertise in hard-core (“ultra-B2B“) Fintech, as well as upcoming changes in emerging market currency trading.

If Fintech is like a large stone dropped into a pond the ripples spread wide … the implications of the shifts are felt in many surrounding industries.  One of these is consultancy and in LFP012 Farid Tejani founder of Ignitr a Next Generation consultancy joins me to discuss the impact on consulting and the key issue of how to glue “Fin” and “Tech” together.

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It is often forgotten that Fintech is not just concerned with Banking but with Financial Services at large.

In LFP061 Jonathan Howe, UK Insurance lead for over 1,000 staff in London, 23 years at Pwc and having surveyed 1,300 InsureTech startups gives us a 30,000 feet overview of Insurance and Fintech.

“P2P” as a mechanism has grown like wildfire for banking – lending/borrowing – but has not in insurance, which is odd as insurance is based on this concept (albeit intermediated) too. In LFP101 Tobais Taupitz CEO of Laka joins us to discuss how P2P can be made to work in insurance.

“Historically” (time moves fast in Fintech) the view is that InsureTech is limited in its disruptive potential. However in LFP074 Andy Rear CEO of Munich Re Digital Partners joins us to discuss “Reinsurance as a Service”, a potentially game-changing approach.

Andy mentions MGAs as key to the future. In LFP076 Charlie Blackburn CTO of MGA Azur joins us to discuss what an MGA is and how they can be are a prime example of the convergence of #newFS and #oldFS.

In LFP084 Matt Poll CEO of Neos joins us to explain how a houseful of smart sensors can reduce our risk and how this can be done “for free”.

In LFP088 Andy Rimmer of FloodFlash jions us to discuss catastrophe insurance and how insuretech can help the huge percentage of the world that can’t get insurance for floods.

In LFP027 Steven Mendel CEO of Bought By Many explains why there are so few disruptive insurance fintechs, what insurance 3.0 is and what the fintech insurance models of social insurance and P2P insurance are.

In LFP006 “Innovation in Insurance with John Shaw of Direct Line” we see what incumbents are doing in this area, how they go about it, B2C fintech and 6 key trends in insurance right now.

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investment in Fintech starts with “friends & family”, perhaps moves through “angels” but there are next to no Fintechs that grow to scale without Venture Capital money. In LFP056 Rob Moffat Partner at Balderton Capital discusses “everything you wanted to know about Venture Capital but were too afraid to ask”.

The first “wave” (or one or two?) digital wealth managers didn’t make much impact. In LFP073 Adam French explains what the second wave of digital wealth managers are doing and how they are making an impact.

Exchange Traded Funds were once the hot new thing in FS. They have now grown to a $3trn marketplace and are the main factor that has inhibited the growth of investment management Fintech. In LFP058 Laurent Kssis CEC Capital gives us a masterclass from the basics through what Fintech can learn from how ETF’s grew so fast to the bleeding edge of Bitcoin, and Blockhain.

The Fintech Investment space is very small in London (anyone other than Nutmeg). In LFP028 long-time investment journalist and head of the AltFi empire David Stevenson discusses this and what it takes for anything to become a new asset class (the flip-side of investment of course) with particular focus on Alternative Finance’s journey towards being a regular component of investment portfolios.

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Pensions are a huge area of investment in all countries. In LFP059 Will Wynne joins us to explain how he created a Fintech that, in under two years, gained 75,000 pensions clients – phenomenal.

The average UK worker will end up with eleven employers and hence pension pots! In LFP090 Romi Savova joins us to discuss Pensions in the Gig Economy Age.

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In LFP078 Alex Michelin, founder of CapitalRise gives us a 30,000 feet guide to investment in Property in the Fintech Age.

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An estimated 300m workers move abroad in search of work. Many of these are some of the poorest people in the world whose families at home depend on them for their economic survival. Historically/presently some of the poorest people in the world can be charged some 10-20% for moving money back home. Obscene. Alix Murphy of WorldRemit joins us on LFP032 to talk about how online, Fintech, solutions are cutting this cost by some 90%.

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Tech is all about data. In LFP093 Max Pell CEO of Validis joins us to discuss how it’s actually used  – compared to the propaganda for example most Fintechs focus on a short customer journey rather than collecting lots of data.

In LFP045 Stephane Dubois founder and CEO of Xignite joins us to discuss the building block of much of Fintech – APIs their past, their present and their future and how they enable that all-important Fintech characteristic of customer satisfaction.

An example of Enterprise Fintech is CloudMargin. In LFP082 their CEO Steve Husk joins us to discuss Collateral Management, the Cloud and Scaling-Up Fintechs.

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