The Fintech Revolution is about the changes that “digital” – ie a much more internet/mobile-centric world – is bringing to Financial Services. It is my belief that #oldFS and #newFS firms will need to converge.  Incumbents will need to get more “with it” and new entrants somewhat more “solid”.

The podcasts you hear are the tip of the iceberg of a lot of effort to create independent, hype-free, long-form content on what’s really going on in the London Fintech scene.

As at July 2017 the London Fintech Podcast has had over a Quarter of a Million downloads in 162 countries worldwide since its launch in July 2014.  The aim of the show is to be educational and entertaining.

Starting in October 2016 I was joined by my brand partners Archover, Smart Pension and Synechron.

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Live long and prosper.


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