The London Fintech Podcast is the longest running (launched July 2014) and most blue-chip Fintech podcast in Europe with gravitas and respect in both Fintech and incumbent FS, and has global reach. Guests include Lord Turner the former head of the FSA, the leading economist Professor John Kay as well as blue-chip FS incumbents and Fintechs.

The mission of the show is to  educate and entertain.

The London Fintech Podcast has had over 280,000 downloads in 165 countries worldwide since its launch in July 2014. Downloads are well over 4,000 per episode, with the Top 5 shows all getting over 5,000 downloads.  The audience split as at late 2017 is UK: 39%, Europe 22%, North America 17%, Other 22%.

Its focus is topics, not firms, quality not quantity, and understanding how FS as a whole is being impacted and changed by the new digital world (the Fintech Revolution).

Audience feedback is universally along the lines that it is highly educational, un-hyped and is most often described as “grown-up Fintech”.

You can also help spread the word by sharing on social media as many of you do or writing a review on iTunes (If you are finding it hard to find the “review button” this blog post explains it well 🙂)

Live long and prosper.


Email: mike AT londonfintechpodcast DOT com

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